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Why I can't view many of the sections?
Since this site is directed only at staff GTI, to view sections need to login.

How do I get authorization?
If you have not logged in, click on the top right Log in / Авторизоватся and enter your username and password as the login for the network.

What is the "Cabinet?"
Cabinet - menu to edit your profile on the site.
Here you can: change the information about yourself, add blog entries and edit them, create and edit photo gallery, and add a photos in gallery.

How do I create a photo gallery??
To add new gallery enter its name (eg, Mad New 2011), and click the button Add / Добавить.
Go to our gallery and add photos the same way as is done in social networks.
To view the photos (their own and others) to open the menu Photos / Фотографии.

Why need section "Сolleagues"?
Colleagues - section in which you easily can get acquainted with your work colleagues.
Here you select your desired city, then you will see a brief information about the offices of the city, and choosing an office just find your staff to view their profile.

Why need section "Documents"?
Documents - section where you can download various documents and files.

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